Sunday, June 30, 2019

Thank You Baltimore !!!


The Purpose

Be fit, live in health, and run for a cause that impacts the city and can change a life. Most people don’t like a hand-out because they have always been gainfully employed and living on their own in private homes. This race is equally about each participants’ level of fitness goals and making a difference to help someone return to a life of normalcy. Sometimes it just takes a small time to reset. The Purpose Run provides funding to organizations like Back On My Feet which focus on the transition back to normalcy with the healthy component of running.


Elder Care Collective
Elite Athlete Training Services


The Elder Care Collective
Vegan Juiceology
Aqua Hydrate

Community Support

A nonprofit organization that uses running as a means to promote self-sufficiency among people experiencing homelessness.

the Journey Home, Baltimore City’s plan to make homelessness rare and brief, focuses on four major goal areas that address the root causes of homelessness: affordable housing, comprehensive health care, sufficient incomes, and preventive and emergency services.


Sunday, June 30, 2019

Baltimore 5K/10K  Starting at Union Square Park to Carroll Park

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